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A three-storey school building was gobbled up by the swelling Padma River on Thursday afternoon at Nuruddin Madborkandi in Shibchar upazila of Madaripur.

Locals said the SESDP Model High School building was devoured by the river around 4pm. They feared that the whole school ground might be lost to the river within the night.

This will disrupt academic activities and it is unclear what the government or the school’s management is planning to do to help the students continue their studies.

Madaripur Water Development Board (WDB) said the Padma River was flowing 70cm above the danger level at noon, leaving around 65,000 people marooned in four upazilas.

At least 60 houses along the riverbank in Shibchar were devoured by the river.

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Around 25,000 people are living in inhumane conditions in Kathalbari, Nilokhi, Madbarer Char, Sannasirchar, Daopara, Char Hajera and Bazlu Sarkarer Char areas of the upazila.

In Madaripur Sadar, 10 out of the 15 unions have been inundated as the water of Arial Khan River was flowing 40cm above the danger level. A total of 72 houses have gone under water in the last three days in the upazila.

Flood situation in Kalkini and Rajoir upazilas remained unchanged with thousands of people marooned and houses inundated.

The district administration allocated 400MT rice for distribution among 10,141 flood-affected people.

Floods are common occurrences during the monsoon in Bangladesh where it wrecks havoc every year, inflicting heavy damage to livelihoods and properties. The government has been taking swift steps to assist the affected population but many victims alleged that they were not getting any help despite living in inhuman conditions.

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