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The government has repeatedly been asking people to stay home in efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. It also announced closure of all public and private offices to make people stay indoors. 

But soon after the announcement, people in droves started leaving the capital for their village homes.

Yesterday too, hundreds of city dwellers boarded buses, trains and launches to head back home, oblivious to the risk of contracting the deadly virus.

Experts fear the government decision to close down offices, without adequate measures to make people stay indoors, could further help spread the virus throughout the country.

They also said it appears that the government steps to tackle the situation were not carefully planned, and there has been a lack of coordination among different government bodies and experts.

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On Monday, the government declared the shutdown effective from March 26 to April 4 to contain the spread of the virus. The announcement came following three deaths from Covid-19 and a steady rise in the number of positive cases.

Also, people were advised not to go out of home unless they need to collect food, medicine or receive treatment.

But what happened after the announcement was very shocking: people in hordes left for their village homes. The rush of homebound people forced Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation yesterday to carry only passengers, instead of vehicles, on ferries on Shimulia-Kathalbari route in the Padma river.

World Health Organisation (WHO) continues to advise the travellers who are sick to delay or avoid journey to affected areas. It has also asked all travellers to wash hands frequently, cover mouth and nose with tissue papers while coughing and sneezing, and stay one metre away from sick persons.

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