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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged the international community to initiate discussions on creation of an appropriate framework to address the need of the people who got displaced due to climate change.

“We must appreciate that migration could be an effective adaptation strategy, as we focus on enhancing adaptation capacities of affected communities. Hence, relocation and protection of displaced persons need due focus in global discourse to ensure their protection. We need to commence discussions on creation of an appropriate framework to address the needs of people displaced due to climate change,” she said.

The prime minister made the call while addressing the Action for Survival: Vulnerable Nations COP25 Leaders’ Summit at Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) in Madrid, the capital of Spain.

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She said it is widely accepted that the gravest effect of climate change may be on human migration. Extreme weather events are already displacing many more people than violent conflicts. Slow-onset events like sea-level rise and desertification get even lower global focus. “We must work towards correcting this imbalance.”

Pointing at the leaders of Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), Sheikh Hasina said, “We now have a situation where the most vulnerable countries, which deserve the highest level of priority, are failing to access whatever support that is being realized.”

She said creation of a new CVF and V20 Trust Fund and possibility of having a new Special Rapporteur on climate change would be a great success.

Noting that CVF and V-20 are great examples of South-South and Triangular cooperation, she said, “We want to further build on the current accomplishments. The time is now to act as we’re at the most important crossroad of human history confronting possibly the gravest global challenge of our time.”

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