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Around 400,000 Bangladeshi migrant workers have been hit hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to the different government agencies. The families of these jobless migrants are now at stake.

In the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, around 200,000 migrant workers came home on leave, but they could not return to their workplaces.

Despite completing all procedures, around 100,000 new workers could not go to their destination countries. Besides, around 100,000 more migrants returned home between April and August. On average 2,000 migrant workers have been returning home everyday.

According to the Expatriates’ Welfare Desk at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, as many as 95,062 migrants returned home between 1 April and 30 August. Most of them returned from the Middle Eastern countries.

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Sources said the number of returnees is increasing day by day. They have no jobs and no support from the government. Many of them are surviving on loan.

Officials at the expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment ministry said, a majority of the returnees became undocumented. After suffering different jail terms, as many as 20,829 migrants returned from Saudi Arabia, 7,941 from Kuwait and 5,713 migrants from Oman.

As there was no work, about 8,500 migrants returned from Maldives, 7,769 migrants from Qatar and about 3,000 from Malaysia.

Simultaneously, migrants are returning from many countries including Singapore, UAE, Bahrain, Lebanon, South Africa, South Korea, Italy and Vietnam.

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